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Educational Applications

Children of the Model Ghetto conveys compelling oral histories and accurate historical accounts, some of which are documented nowhere else. Several of the participating survivors are Holocaust educators, and expertly explain their own experiences in the context of historical events.

Their stories weave a timeless testament to the consequences of extremism. While Holocaust deniers and modern-day anti-Semites maintain separate agendas, they share with individuals throughout the world some core ideas, like the glorification of violence, and the manipulation of masses through identity politics. This story shows the human consequences resulting from such ideas. In so doing, it spotlights current world events.

Children of the Model Ghetto shows that the step from prejudice to genocide is surprisingly small; but the same can be said of the step from prejudice to tolerance.


Furthermore, this program teaches that each of us possesses the strength and courage to survive adversity. What is surprising is not that nearly 7 million Jews perished in the “Nazi machine,” but that any at all survived. Furthermore, these survivors went on to build successful, happy lives. Those participating in this project share an enhanced appreciation for family, friends, and life in general.

Children of the Model Ghetto is honest, yet positive and uplifting. It is an essential addition to middle school, junior high, high school, college and adult programs for diversity, tolerance, history, psychology, politics, current events, and Holocaust education.

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